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City branding design concept and communication strategy for Newmarket

Gaining a historical understanding of Newmarket was a key element that heavily influenced our design choice for this project. Our aim was to create a design that could appeal to a young and energetic generation bringing new visitors to the area.

Newmarket’s history dates back to the Anglo Saxon era which lead us on a journey to discover that they communicated through a simple alphabet that utilised strong geometric lines, known as Runes.

We created an identity concept that captured the Anglo Saxon design style by representing strength, unity and community. To keep consistency across the brand, a simple and adaptive grid system was developed to allow for playfulness within the design whilst still maintaining a visual connection to the master logo.

The grid foundations and versatile colour palette were used to reinforce the areas of interest and mirror the diverse community Newmarket offers. The two-tone overlay breaks away from traditional business conventions adding depth and structure without solely being 3D.