Bloodstock Notebook

Art Direction

Editorial Design

Brand Identity

Art Direction for in house thoroughbred publication

IMP Graphics collaborated closely with the Bloodstock Notebook publisher, to deliver and direct an annual publication that liberates itself from the conventions of typical thoroughbred magazines.

Working closely with the publisher, our team helped to develop the identity, structure and framework of the publication to builds its brand. The challenge was developing cohesive framework that could hold all of the editorial content together and still maintain a design that was distinct.

The magazine holds its own with typography, utilising Minion in its diverse weights and styles. From its display face to heavy black weight, Minion has a strong visual impact with its clean curves, heavy dropped serifs and thin strokes that reflect its classic Renaissance style, which reproduces exquisitely in print.

A strong, flexible 6 colour grid provides a solid foundation for type, with colour that’s used selectively to keep the design clean and well ordered. The issues are packed with content but the layout offers plenty of white space around the typography, making it a pleasant read for its audience.

The physicality of the publication was just as important as the design. The dimensions are a conventional size that makes it easy to carry on the go but weighty enough to feel substantial, with each issue produced on high quality stock.