Art Direction

Branding Identity

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Art direction for global thoroughbred breeders

Maintaining a consistent brand image is a crucial part of our work for Juddmonte. For over a decade we have been supporting their marketing activities. Having collaborated on various projects, their annual stallion brochure is a publication we pride ourselves in producing.

Throughout the brochure, photographs have been used with layered, bold, geometric lines slicing across spreads to create a sense of depth and movement in pages. The cutting angles have also allowed for playful typographic elements that create visually dynamic spreads. Green and pink have been applied sparingly and used as an accent colour to draw attention to key points.

The 80 page brochure has been designed with a flexible grid that gives each page coherence, clarity and flexibility. The brochure is dense with information but the layout offers plenty of breathing space. Splashes of colour and full bleed images have been used to break up the pace creating a sense of energy throughout the spreads.
The physical form of the brochure is as important as its design. Printing finishes were used to highlight the significance of each stallion confirmation shot. These specific pages have a glossy finish with a polished texture that adds a contrast to the remainder of the brochure which is printed on a premium uncoated stock.